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    Oregon Roosevelt elk

    Just wondering who has been out to Oregon and hunted Roosevelt elk on public land and what you thought of it? Just wondering because you never see any hunting shows on tv about it.

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    I've been archery hunting Roosevelt elk in the coast range every year since 1987.

    We have a lot of good OTC opportunity but so far from my observations hunting Roosevelt elk is rarely easy. I would suggest you do it if you haven't as it is something to experience if you don't get too claustrophobic in the brush. I've read that Roosevelt elk are not as vocal as Rockies but I have very limited experience with Rockies. Roosies bugle and talk plenty but the brush probably drowns out most of it. In recent years I have been hearing less bugling due to increased pressure and call shy bulls but if you hit it on the right day they will scream at you for hours.

    The second biggest challenge (next to the impenetrable at times brush!) is the wind patterns are very inconsistent and unforgiving for the hunter and very favorable for the elk.

    There is a reason it is an OTC tag. The terrain limits the harvest enough to allow unlimited hunting for the most part. It can be fun and it can be down right ridiculous when you end up pushing thru walls of brush for hours on end if you get off the main elk trail. This happens a fair amount and you really better have a passion for elk hunting or a sense of humor or you will never do it again. I can't wait for September!
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    I have lived in western Oregon and have hunted it most seasons since 1983. In that time I have killed 3 bulls (5x5, 6x6 and 6x5) and a few cows. That comes down to a bull about every 9 years. One bull came off my ranch, one off of a special tag that took 12 preference points to draw and one was in general rifle season. As Joe said it is tough hunting. Far tougher than what most are used to further east. I do almost all of my serious elk hunting out of state.

    With that said there are a lot of Roosevelts in some of the coastal units. I think the most fun and effective way to hunt them is with a bow. Next year due to commitments at home my wife and I are planning to give it a couple weeks on and off in one of the coastal Roosevelt units during bow season.



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