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    Kidoggy, Bonecollector and Colorado Cowboy were sitting on a park bench one day.
    Bonecollector says, "Man, I think being 60 is a terrible age. I always have to take a leak, but when I go I barely get anything to come out."
    Kidoggy says, "Yeah, I know what you mean, but I think 70 is the worst age. I'm not regular at all. I can sit on the toilet for hours and can't get any relief."
    Colorado Cowboy says, "I think 80 is the worst age. I take a leak every morning at 6:00 and have a bowel movement every morning at 6:30, just like clockwork."
    Kidoggy says, "Wow! I'd love to everything working like it's supposed to. Why do you think 80 is the worst age?"
    Colorado Cowboy replies, "Cause I don't get up til 7:00!"

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