Unless we hit on a big out of state tag, I'll probably stay close to home in SW Oregon this fall so.....

1) Get really proficient with our muzzleloaders and learn a brand new Blacktail deer area that my wife should draw this fall (and I have a good chance of drawing too). This hunt has good deer hunting with a muzzleloader during the rut, and will likely become our go to unit in the years to come, so I want to invest the time to learn it well.

2) For out-of-state hunt applications my main goal is to get my wife on a quality bull elk hunt....but she is just getting started with two points in most states.

3) Take a mature Roosevelt bull with my bow in SW Oregon where I live.

4) "Hunt" for big chinook salmon near home.... these guys are almost as fun as big game hunting

(P.S. The spell checker on here kept changing Blacktail to Blackmail...that would have made an interesting post....lol)