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    Turkeytrack, that game warden is enforcing Wyoming law. People intentionally crossing land that they know is private without permission are the assholes, they're also trespassers.

    There is no "otherwise public access roads", they either are or are not. If a road crosses private land without a public easement, either for a mile or for ten feet, the road is not public access. You guys are getting upset because you're not hearing the answers that you want to hear. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean that it's not true.

    The BLM maps carry the caveat mentioned above because sometimes federal,and frequently state trust, lands are traded or sold, especially isolated tracts. Maps are updated every few years and in the interim, land status may change. COUNTY SPECIFIC OWNERSHIP TRACTS ARE THE MOST UP-TO-DATE SOURCES FOR LAND STATUS.

    A good rule of thumb for the uninformed (or someone new to Wyoming) might be that if a road crosses private land and is not clearly marked (as in, with a county/state/federal sign), it is not public access. If you buy a BLM or USFS map and a road that you're interested in is not marked as a public access road, then assume that it's not.

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