You can bet that all of the meat is well utilized. As far as African animals, it is all utilized by the local community. In RSA, it may even be sold to the local grocery store. By African standards, we all waste a lot of meat in the US. They often even haul of the dung, and the guts are utilized like meat. Nothing goes to waste in Africa.

Here in the US, there are lots of ways to utilize the meat from multiple kills. It is extremely rare to have any meat spoil with any reasonable attmep at care. My family harvests a lot of animals throughout the US each year. Every last piece of edible meat is wrapped, and utilized. Most goes to other families in our community. My wife works at a local elementary school, and there are never shortages of struggling families who want the free meat. Others give to their church or the local shelter. I've taken whole elk to the "Rescue Mission" before, and seen their incredible gratitude. We also eat a lot of the meat ourselves, but of course their are limits for any person. Sometimes I am so far from home that it is impractical to transport it back to my house. I make arrangements locally, and many communities have a "Sportsmen for the Hungry" or related program to handle donated meat. There is no excuse for waste, nor is ther any reason to worry about folks shooting too many animals.