So after elk hunting many years I finally bought my first decoy for the 2011 season, and let's just say that I had some of the best and worst instances while trying to implement this new, for me, tactic. On opening day of the archery season I got to within 70 yards of some elk that were coming from the timber into the open field that I was in, and proceeded to set up my decoy. Some cows came out first, and then the lead cow saw the decoy and proceeded to do a 180 and go right back into the timber taking the rest of the elk with her. I then was able to glass this patch of timber from a vantage point after the elk had left and saw a huge 7x7 in tow with the cows that I had just seen at 68 yards. I think that I might have been a little over zealous with my untimely deployment of the decoy, due to the rut not being in full swing yet. Then 3 weeks later I had an amazing encounter with a 350+ bull using the same decoy. The decoy that I am using is the Elk Mountain Gear decoy, and you can read the full account of the second encounter on their website here, So I am wondering what decoy's some of you out there use, and what tactics you use successfully each year.