I have two weeks to take off next year to pursue mule deer. I'm looking for any advice or recommendations about some great backcountry bowhunts in Colorado and Idaho. I'm going to apply in Colorado and have my home state of Idaho as my backup choice.

After researching Colorado I have found that GMU's 43, 44, 45, 75, and 751 are some solid choices. GMU 44 is currently my first choice with 43 behind it. The downside is that I have never hunted in Colorado, so every area will be new to me. I may get a chance to scout the area a little over the 4th of July, if I'm lucky.

As for Idaho, I have hunted in East of the Boulder Mountains in GMU 48 and love spending time in those rugged mountains. However, I'd like to explore other areas like GMU 67. Does anyone have experience hunting in 67 during the archery season?

I'd love to hear some feedback.
Thank You