Wanted to send a big thanks to a couple of Eastmans members and Eastmans. I am from Canada and was one of 3 non-residents to be lucky enough to draw an area 30 bull elk tag! I have hunted all my life and dreamed of being able to hunt a bull in a great area. This hunt was a dream come true. What made it even more perfect was that my son, who was diagnosed with Leukemia last year, was healthy enough to join me part way through the hunt. Just looking over at him and thinking about how lucky we were to still have him on this earth, and have that tag in my pocket! well you all get! The country we hunted was beautiful, with lots of elk. I managed to kill a dream bull for Alberta standards on day 17 of the hunt! Thats right, day 17! I was having so much fun I did'nt want to end it! A real nice 6 x 6, a few broken inches off a main beam and a G4 had him right around the 310 B&C mark. As a subscriber of Eastmans, I used the MRS to pick a tough area, not really thinking I would be drawn, but to build some points, and didnt I draw! Everyone, at least once in their life, if they have done anything good in this world for man kind, should be able to experience what I did on that hunt. As always, my brothers to the South were always ready to help. The American people have always been great, I just hope we are as good when your up in our neck of the woods!
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.