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    Ill never forget up at deer camp in northern Wisconsin 20 some years ago, one year one of the group got turned around and was lost for like 6 hours, no radio or gps or compass. The next year he was awarded by the older guys in our group with a Copenhagen tin with a mirror glued in the lid, that way next time he got lost he could look at it. It didn't show where you've been or where your going, only shows you who's lost. It was pretty dam funny when I was 13.

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    For 20 years I was in the Coast Guard Aux. I held several training certs, one was in navigation. The thing they teach you is to use all the old, tried and true instruments eg. compass, sextant and charts. In the situation today with all the electronics you might ask why? Well if all the electronics fail and you are out of sight of land....where do you navigate to and what do you do?

    In the field I carry a compass and a map. I have never had to use either in 60 years. I notice landmarks when I leave camp or my truck, where north is and watch the sun. Night is a totally different situation, that's why I try never to walk around at night withour prior knowledge of the area. I do carry a GPS, but for a different reason. It has a land status chip in it and I want to know what the lands status is where I'm hunting, and it does this for me.
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    I have used all of the methods, and my preference has now become my phone. However, I have become very partial to InReach after using it for a week in some really remote country.


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