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    herds were hit hard in SD too? Heard about Montana getting hit, but not SD. I know this is a whitetail thread.........but how did the mulies fare?

    Looking at hunting the Custer NF area of NW SD next fall. is this a wise decision? I have NF maps of the Little missouri National Grassland. We are mostly mule deer hunting and trophies are not our goal, just a fun deer hunt and hoping to see some mulies. AS trophy would be a bonus. We have PP's for West River deer.

    Any info will be appreciated. We are pretty sure we are going to hunt Slim Buttes unless we get word of a better area or get owrd of deer die off.

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    blue tounge is hitting again in South Dakota. This time it is a new strain. It is killing both muleys and whitetails. A friend told me that in the White River area there is hardly any deer left. What did make it is less than 2 years old. In some areas of the state the GFP isn't doing 2nd or 3rd drawings. There are areas that didnt get hit that are still producing some good deer. not the case where I live in North centeral SD. Try calling and talking to Al at Black Hills Archery (605)394-9663. I am sure he will have the info you need.

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    I know this thread has been dead a while, but I agree with sdcowboy. SD has been hit pretty hard from EHD the past few years with 2012 being horrible. Most of the deer along the Missouri river were infected and died on the entire southern half of the state as well as the Black Hills. I did not hear of the northern part of the state having as much of a problem, but there was some kill off up there as well. I was out hunting this past year near Pierre and we had some great success. My profile has some pictures from this past year. You can find mulies west of the river and WTs all over the state. If you are looking for big deer, concentrate on places with lots of cover and some crops. Thats where we have found most of our success; however, you have to get away from the road. We put on 10-12 miles of hiking a day when we are hunting, so that is part of the reason we have started to have success. If you are looking for big white tail, check out the southern half of the state along the Missouri river. I would concentrate on the Platte area following the river south and east to Yankton and Sioux City. This is where your white-tail will be, but you run into more private ground and more hunters, but if you hunt from a tree stand that's not usually too big of a deal. If you are looking for Mulies, try right along the river from Platte all the way to the ND line and west. Some of the rolling hills and grasslands can hold some monsters, but you really have to hunt for them. I haven't been to the extreme NW part of the state to hunt, but I'm planning on it this year depending on how much rain we get to get the grass going again. SD is a great state to hunt in with OTC tags, but you will definitely have to work for your deer, but that makes it all more fun!

    Check out the SDGFP website and look at the WILMA program
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