I am on Big Game Forever's E-mail list and I received an e-mail regarding the reintroduction of the Mexican Wolf into the SW United States. The documents presented are from the USFWS group called the Mexican Wolf Recovery Team.They are calling for 1000 wolves throughout parts of Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern Colorado. Furthermore they will make it nearly impossible to de-list these wolves because Mexico will be part of the recovery area and our
government can not control what happens to the wolves south of the border. Meaning all 1000 wolves will have to inhabit the Southwestern part of our country. This number is much larger than the number involved with the Grey Wolf reintroduction. Please check out the Big Game Forever website and look at this article. I have already called the Colorado Division of wildlife as well as the U.S senators from all four of these states. It is better to nip this in the butt early than have the same problems we are having in Idaho and Wyoming.