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    The application booklette is out and they have really cut back on the cow tags. Makes the decision even more difficult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenbickel View Post
    I agree, if you are just after the meat, I would just put in for a cow. You have better odds getting a cow while you are out hunting and you will draw sooner than if you kept putting in for a bull. Just my thoughts I love the meat but I definitely want me a big ol' rack on the wall..and I'm only 23 so I figure I will keep putting in for a bull!
    I agree if u just want meat, that is the way to go, but i'm with jen, i'm only 23 as well and have been putting in since I was 12 and still haven't drawn

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    If you'd be happy with a cow, go for it.

    But if you think you'd like a bull, as a Wyoming resident you can put in a bunch of meat in the freezer with doe antelope, doe mule deer and cow elk tags but you may only get one chance at a bull moose. Also if you put in every year you will have about a 2.5% chance to draw a bull moose tag (depending on the unit) each year. You have a good 30+ years of hunting left in you and if the annual draw odds hold up you will have a 75% chance at drawing a tag in the random draw in 30 years. Hopefully as states are given more control to regulating the wolves, the game populations will rebound. The key is being consistent and applying every year.



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