Personally, I'm positioned to enjoy some "top tier" hunts over the next several years that have taken 12 to 20 points to draw. In 2010 I married a wonderful gal and she loves to hunt. She got a bow that first summer, and did some rifle hunting that first fall. In 2010, she took a cow elk, 14" antelope, and a 4 point mule deer. This past fall she mainly helped me on my two mule deer hunts. Next fall she will draw a rut muzzleloader blacktail hunt here in Oregon. Now most of my new hunt research is looking for good limited entry hunts where she can draw in the next few years, since she is only a couple years into the point game.

More than anything she would really like to get a nice bull elk, something say in the 260+ class. I'm researching quality "mid-tier" do-it-yourself hunts that she could draw with 3 to 5 points. She has two points in Wyoming and Arizona, and she has finished her hunters safety, so now she can build points in Colorado as well.

I need to find areas that will be enjoyable for her to hunt, and that does NOT include backcountry backpack hunts. That DOES include getting off of the road for day hikes in moderately difficult terrain. A unit with say 40% hunter success, reasonably open terrain (where you can actually glass), and hills you can hike is awesome. I'm comfortable navigating around private land to access good public hunting land.

With the Wyoming apps due next month, I'm focused there. I'd like to find a unit with an October 10 or earlier opener so she can bow hunt the last few days of archery season, and then rifle hunt.

1) The units around the Bighorn mountains looks interesting. Are any of these units better for what we are looking for?

2) The SE corner looks interesting. Unit 7 looks good but that would be exclusively a bowhunt (due to the October 15 opener).

Do you have any suggestions in Wyoming? I am certainly not looking for your "spot" but general areas, suggestions of units would be very generous. Feel free to PM me.