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    One thing...even if you are going to ever write a story for the need to keep it around 2,000 words....
    But if you are getting pics of elk like are getting close enough...and you are in the elk.
    This year seemed to be tough...not a lot of bulls were called in early...rut seemed to be later around here this
    year due to the heat. Keep at can get hints form people here...but you will learn the most from your own mistakes.
    Takes years in the field and lots of run ins with bulls and elk to learn them.

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    Good read, thanks for sharing. Sounds like you really did well for your very first season with no actual instructor. It makes me think how lucky I am to have a dad who was able to pass on a lot of hands-on hunting advice. Not something to take for granted. But it sounds like you really did your research, and you got into animals successfully. You'll learn from the mistakes, and from the things you did right. I would consider the season a success, and I will bet next year will be better.

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