Ok guys there are 3 of us wanting to come to MT for a diy mule deer. we will be coming from ohio this will be our first hunt out west. One of the guys step dad came out there like three or four years ago . It seems that alot of things have changed since then. We want to stay in a hotle some were for a few days then find a large chunk of land to pack into and set up a camp and hunt from there. we are not looking for no 200 in muleys . these will be our first mule deer so anything respectable will be great . I will not lie to you the MT dnr site is makeing my eyes go crossed. i dont understand it at all . we put in and got our preverance points but now what . we need to put in for a tag but do we put in for a area then or once we get drawn. The way I understand it we need to put in for a party tags that way if 1 gets drawn we all get drawn? I have a ton more questions but need to take this one step at a time . I am sure this will be a well used blog . Thanks for any help and advise guys and gals. I understand alot of locals hate out of state hunters but we are great guys all 3 famly men . two of us are ARFF aircraft rescue fire fighters and 1 x military we will respect you and your beautiful country.