Seriously how do states come up with some of these fees?

I was just reading in my latest issue of Eastmans' WY resident's pay $7 for a sheep and moose preference point, while non-residents pay $100 and $75 respectively.

My issue isn't the disparity, but rather, where does $7 come from? Dare I say all residents can afford to pay more than $7 for a pref point for moose and sheep. I'd like to see some real world pricing come about, and rounded prices would also be nice.

Feel free to use this post to RANT about some state issue that seems out of whack. I'm sure I'll have plenty more to add to this topic as time goes on, as the title suggests, don't get me started! haha.

Oh and I also just noticed Guy took a nice elk and it says how he bowhunted then gun hunted, and got the elk during the gun season. I personally would love to see non-resident elk tags seperated by season, ie bow tags, and gun tags made separate, almost all non-residents I know would hunt 1 season or the other but not both. Such as New Mexico does... This would also separate the pretenders from the serious bowhunters, I'm sure many resident gun hunters take a whack at a bull elk with a bow. Which really just increases pressure. Few hunters, more tags, sounds like a win-win to me!