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I wouldn't advise getting a spotting scope unless you can afford good quality. The cheaper scopes are worth the hassle of hauling around. You don't have to buy a swarovski (my choice) but a Leupold Gold ring 12x40 is about the bottom of the useable spectrum. You won't find these for $400. Since it is your first trip, save the money, and go on the hunt.
I would have to disagree, a few people here have already mentioned it but hunting the west without a scope is tough, other than putting miles under your boots, one of the biggest payoffs is the time you spend behind the glass. It's not like he was going to buy a $100 Barska from WalMart. I have been hunting behind a $400 scope for years and would take that any day over having to walk all over the hills to get in bino range while possibly missing out on something my cheap scope could have helped me find.