I just traded my Leupold Olympic 10x50 binos for Vortex 8x42HD binos with SWFA and am looking at getting another bigger set of binos and upgrading my Leupold 15-45 Sequoia spotter.

After my muley hunt this fall looking through the guide's 15x Leica and Swaro binoculars I'm looking at getting a set for myself. I've been considering the Kaibab, Swaro, and Minox 15x glass but really liked the weight and size of the Vipers. Anyone tried them or compared them to the other brands? I don't expect them to compete with Swaro at that price, but if they are pretty decent I can upgrade spotters and binos for the same money as Vortex Kaibab binos. Low light performance is my biggest concern.

The other thing I'm looking at is my hunting partner is getting a 20-60x80 Vortex Razor HD scope, and we hunt together most of the time. Would I be better off getting top end 15x binos instead of upgrading my own spotter since we mostly glass together?