it is bow huntable, but not like timber hunting. it is sagebrush and deep canyons, but dont let the sagebrush fool ya....its tall stuff in places. there are some canyons off the N-NE side of steamboat that i have stood on top of my atv seat to see over the sagebrush (im 6'1" tall). if you get over on the SE side of the area (around bridger coal mine) there are some places with juniper draws that you can bow hunt as well. Just keep in mind....90% of the area is short sagebrush country, so try to find the out of the place canyons and water holes. my buddy and i bow hunted it last year....he was unsuccessful, but not because we didnt get into bulls. Just no good shots at the bulls he was lookin for. he got a good bull during the rifle season, and remember, in wyoming you can hunt both archery and rifle seasons. so if you hunt both dont limit yourself to just one. they are one right after the other.......hunt the last week of archery then the first of rifle if you want to give yourself the best opportunity for a bull. good luck