I grew up hunting in area 100. I agree that it is bow huntable. The sage brush is so high and deep makes for great stalking. I once was shed hunting out there and kicked a bull out of his bed and the sage was so tall all I could see was the tops of his horns ha. Now here is what I have learned and seen for the past twenty years. The quanity of bulls are there. Ya there might be a 350 bull out there but not like it use to be. Now seeing a handful of 280-320 bulls ya I can see that. The other thing is with the elk main diet being the grasses and sage the dunes have to offer make there horns brittle. So when they go to rub the velvet off on a huge piece of grease wood the break points. This unit is fun and has a lot of elk but my opinion is they need to drop the quota on bull tags and we will start seeing those big bulls I remember seeing when I was in high school.