I posted a thread a couple weeks ago about elk hunting. One thing I didn't mention is how I lost my mind when I spotted a muley buck I wanted someone to put down. We did, long good story, but to get to this story, I lose my mind over glassing and putting to bed mule deer. I don't care the size, bigger helps, but I can sit for 5 days and glass mule deer from sun up to sun down. We were averaging about 5-7 bucks a day and finally on the 4th day I found a shooter. First layed glass on him at 7:20am. I knew I wanted him and couldn't let him out of my sight. After about an hour anxiety started to build as he hadn't bedded yet and being on public land I thought for sure this would go south. Tempted to glass other country for a back up, but I knew I had to just stay focused and hope for some luck.

Finally he bedded at 8:45. My partner took over the spotter to see what happened if I were to blow the stalk. We do this everytime for a learning experience. I lightened my load and said wish me luck. Over a hour and a half later I was in position to crawl out to the edge of the rim. It was 10:20 and I was in excellent shooting position but he had just gotten out of his bed and began to push the 2 does he had bedded with. I hit him with my range finder and it read 457 yds. Checked my cheat sheet taped to my gun. 2nd reticle down 3 inch drop at 450, solid rest, gave my pathetic grunt and he looked back, quartering away... One shot and heard the wonderful thump, down he went. It was a proud perfect spot and stalk. And the fire continues to burn for glassing those dang muleys.

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