i have a question for the group that answered....have any of you HONESTLY been in the cabelas alaknak for any length of time in the backcountry? the reason i ask is because i have hunted in a canvas wall tent for over twenty years and about 5 years ago bought the alaknak 12x12. so i have been in both long enough to really get a good grip on things.

with all that said....both tents are absolute quality and if i have to pick one today to buy.....i would no question buy the alaknak. the ONLY thing I like better about the wall tent is that it seems to keep heat a little better from the stove and it does not hold the condensation as much. i believe that it does not hold the condensation because it is less air tight. the alaknak is a boatload lighter and easier to put up. it is waterproof no matter what and has a floor that is NOT zip in. you can attach a 10x10 vestibule to use as a gear garage or an area to cook in if needed.

the only reason why i even wrote a response is because i think most elk hunters use the wall tents and there is nothing wrong with them, if taken care of.....except weight, especially if you have to pack it out wet. people would be very surprised at the quality and over all room inside the alaknak. this tent has been at 10500' the last 5 years and has been under a ton of snow and abused by the wind over those five years. we added the vestibule to give us more gear storage and its like having a 10x10 muddroom. we put down a tarp on the inside of that vestibule and nothing gets wet and have actually cooked inside it on several occasions because of the snow and wind outside.

i know people will be people and rave about what they have, but im here to tell you that there are other great options out there....dont be afraid to try them. And NO i dont work for cabelas....ha ha ha.