I've used Kelty and REI before hunting packs were invented. Then used Cabelas Alaskan guide frame pack and eventually couldn't stand the weight, (12lbs empty), a Badlands day pack which couldn't do much meat but a great daypack, a Kuiu 1850 and 6000 ultra which was very light weight and versatile but heavy loads weren't the greatest but OK and eventually got a Kifaru Nomad 2 this year. The Kifaru is by far the most comfortable for me when hauling heavy loads and I use by Kuiu 6000 mounted on the Nomad 2. I remove the Kuiu when I pack out meat which I was able to utilize this year on an elk. By far its the most comfortable pack I've had. The most I packed was about 70-80 lbs this year but I could have done maybe 20 more but didn't want to risk injury as it was steep country and I was solo.