There is a small group us us headed to WY next year for Antelope season. My dad, brother, and I all bought points this year, and a buddy is taking his chances without a point. We have been looking at the last WY MRS and the WYGAFD website to find out information on areas. Our goal for the trip is to see lots of animals. We aren't concerned with trophy status, but each of us would like a buck and a doe. My dad hunted near Lusk back in the late 70's and early 80's, but obviously that information is old, and from the MRS, it looks like that part of the state is a this true?

We were wondering about some of the green chip areas (because we will have 1 point as a group). Is the quota number indicative of the number of animals? IE- does a unit that has 50 tags have fewer animals, or is it just smaller? What would be some good units where we would have an easy time drawing. We are planning on camping as well, so an area with good tent sites would be helpful. We have hunted CO for OTC Elk, so we know the game a little, but would like some help with WY, as we won't be able to go every year...

Thank you for any help - I am sure I will be asking more questions between now and next October!