Opening day of rifle had me sitting in my ground blind that I put together in July. As it began to get light enough to see, there were 2 stumps in a meadow 517 yards away that I hadn't seen in the past years. As I tried to make them out through my glasses it was just nothing more than stumps. Until finally one of them lifted her head. Heart rate instantly shot through the roof as I had a cow tag as well as my general tag... I slipped of the back of the hill I was on, took off my boots and knew it would be well into shooting light by the time I closed the distance. Constantly glassing to assure they were still there and hitting them with my range finder to find a comfortable distance. Finally it came together and the 2 cows knew something was up. 332 yards it was going to be. Had to calm myself down and slowly squeeze the trigger. Through the recoil I heard the thump and knew I was good, to my surprise, out of the timber came another 15 or so cows, gathering around the downed cow. And last I saw, with just my eyes, much larger body, lighter color, I knew instantly it was a bull. Racked another shell, confirmed in my scope, pulled the trigger and with 2 shots had 2 elk laying 60 yards apart. A little lady luck I will take Gathered my partners and a chain saw winch, 8 hours later 2 elk back at camp whole. It was a good day followed by another when my buddy dropped another bull. Whole trip, 4 guys, 2 bulls, 2 cows and a muley buck. All public ground.
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