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These are pictures of elk I have seen consistently over the years and one of the pictures was taken at only 2 yards away. When I was young I took a nice 6 point with a rifle. However, I have ignored them and never bought an OTC archery tag. I was always convinced I would find a big buck in the area, but have had no success.

I plan on pursuing a big bull next year. I am confident I can take one down with my recurve, but I have always been concerned about packing it out in short enough time. It is at least an hour hike into the area. It is far too rocky to get an ATV or horse into their hidey holes to pack one out. It is quite warm in September. I figure that if I make great time, I could maybe get one out in 6 or 7 hours at the fastest. Should I be concerned about the meat spoiling?

These bulls are definitely not the biggest I have seen in the area, but these bulls of this size are in the area every year. What do you think they would score?