Unit 48 seems to have some potential. There is some extremely big and steep country in the boulder mountains area. Does anyone have experience in this unit? I have hunted it a little bit over the past few years with no success. I think I have a good plan, but I would like to here your thoughts.

I am working out 7 days a week doing interval training, hiking with pack loaded up with 75 lbs, and shooting my bow daily. I have almost gathered all of the backpacking gear needed for a week long hunt. I plan to backpack in and setup a spike camp near the top of the ridge and glass off the other side into the basins and avalanche shoots. I will have up to two weeks to spend up in the place I have picked out.

The country seems to have great potential. Good food sources, incredible cover (due to the extremely steep and rugged country), and plenty of water. However, the only thing that may hold these deer back is there winter grounds. I am not sure if they head down to unit 45 for the winter (which is a long ways away) or simply drop down to the Sun Valley area and take advantage of the private lands.

I would love to hear any thoughts or advise.

Thank You,