Just thought I would say thanks to the guys who put this survey together, I owe you one.

The survey went to my wife's e-mail since she was the one who purchased my subscription for me. She starts rolling down the survey asking me questions and everything is rolling just fine, until you guessed it...........

the money question!

How much did you spend on hunting related items this season?
When we got to the $1500-$2500, I couldn't hold a straight face and say yes, so she marks the $2500 or more and then starts in on me!!!!!!!!!

So, any other guys get burned by this or only me?

And I want one of you guys from Eastmans' to post up whose idea it was to put that question in there????
I get in enough trouble on my own, don't need you guys helping me out....LOL

Rule #1, never ask a fellow how much he spends on hunting!