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    Colorado has pretty liberal firearms laws...when compared to a lot of other states. One quirk is that ANYONE legally entitled to own a firearm can have one loaded in their car without any permit necessary. Like most states, each county manages their own CC program under the state's law. Colorado's law allows anyone with military experience (DD214) and participants in competative shooting programs to bypass the special CC class when applying for the permit. I run my local club's NRA Bullseye Pistol League and have written numerous letters to our Sheriff for participants to document their proficiency.

    The only problem I ever had was during a routine DUI checkpoint stop. they ran my DL and it can back with a notation for "additional information". This usually means a warrant or something that requires more information from the computer they use. When they get the additional info, it says Concealed Carrl Permit. The officer asked me if I was carrying and I told him it was none of his business as I had not broken any laws. He was a little put off and we "discussed" the issue some more. My point to him was that as a CC permit holder, I had been investigated, finger printed and been documented to be an upstanding member of society. I should not be subject to MORE demands from law enforcement than someone in a normal situation as they could have a loaded gun in their car without a permit. He agreed and said he had really never thought about it in that view. I also had a meeting with our local Sheriff and he agreed with me. The procedure was eventually fixed and as I understand it the "additional information" about CC permits does not show up on their computer now. We have a new Sheriff now and he is even more pro gun than the last one, good for all of us here that are gun owners.
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    Montana is the Wild West. There are no restrictions on carrying loaded guns in cars. Loaded pistol in the glove box? It is not concealed. Carrying concealed in MT is defined as having a weapon on one's person partially or totally covered by clothing. Anyone can carry concealed anywhere in the state outside of incorporated city limits without a permit at all. CCW permits are given at the discretion of the county Sheriff.

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    Colorado Cowboy said it right. We are lucky to have sheriffs that realize armed, reponsible citizens create a safer society.

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    Wyoming is also the wild west....concealed carry with NO permit required....just passed the law this year.
    I pack my N frame S&W mountain gun in .41 mag. occasionally. It's a bit heavyand bulky to carry concealed.
    Wyoming joins Alaska,Vermont & Arizona in CC without a permit needed.



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