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    Quote Originally Posted by dhershberger View Post
    No, actually I killed this bull with my .30-06 Savage Edge in the first rifle hunt in 16B which went from October 15-19. I killed him with one shot to the lungs. I sure am blessed to have killed a bull like this! I hunted in the wilderness area on horseback and killed this bull about two miles in the backcountry. We hunted the Diamond Creek area and saw many great bulls scouting but they all dissapeared on opening day! There were tons of people in Diamond Creek and so we moved to a different part of the Wilderness area which was North of Diamond Creek and we immedialtely began to see elk because no one else was there! Getting out of the pressure is the way to kill bulls in the Gila!
    I was wrong, I actually killed this bull South of Diamond Creek in the Gila Wilderness.
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