In the latest EHJ #127, Adam Bender reported on a field test on the SKB rifle/bow case. Included with this article were some tips on flying with firearms which were incorrect. I expected a little more accurate information or a little backup to what he is telling us.
In the second paragraph for these tips he mentions that you must have TSA approved locks. The third paragraph mentions keeping you firearm declaration paperwork handy. The 4th paragraphs notes that you cannot place your ammo in the same case as your firearm.
Based upon my recent flight to wyoming for a DIY antelope hunt with a rifle, all of these were incorrect. First of all, I had keyed masterlocks (not TSA locks). I declared the firearm at the checked baggage counter where they asked me to open the case and show them that the firearm was unloaded. I racked the bolts back on both rifles I was carrying and placed them back in the case. I then signed and dated a "firearms unloaded" card that was then placed inside the case. The case was then closed and locked and taken to the TSA reps where they would normally scan your checked baggage. However, they simply wiped it checking for any explosives, then it completely bypassed the x-ray scanner and went straight on through with all other approved checked baggage. Please note that I also had two boxes of ammo inside the case as well. All of this was as per the information that I had researched on TSA's website ( and on the Delta's website. Additionally, I called a Delta rep to verify all the information prior to my flight.
I would recommend that everyone do the same as I did prior to their flights. If anyone had a similar or different experience please let me know.