Thanks for all the congrats! I just got around to sending the story to EHJ so.... hopefully all of you can read the story in an up coming issue. The ram was taken in unit 20. My origional plan was to hunt from the river via jetboat but on prior scouting trips all I could spot were very few ewes and lambs. After talking to a few people that had hunted the unit in previous years I decided to backpack in from the upper part of the unit and hunt the upper basins where the rams normal summer range is. My cousin and I backpacked in 12 miles and glassed the high basins for a couple of days and never spotted a sheep. We found a single set of sheep tracks that were several days old headed down a ridge. With nothing to lose we followed them and started to see several more sets of tracks. At around noon we stopped for lunch and discussed our next move. Not 30 minutes later we heard some sticks breaking below us and my cousin excitedly whispered RAM!...RAMS!! get your gun! I couldnt see the sheep for the life of me and thats when my cousin said "No.... 40 yards to your right!" I had been looking right over the top of them... didnt expect them to be so close! There were 4 rams standing 40 yards in front of me and the lead ram was exactly what I had came for, so I took him. He dropped in his tracks and the celebrating began. Hope that works for a readers digest version.... still hopeful the full story will be told in EHJ soon.