I returned last week from my first trip to WY. We went to hunt unit 25 for antelope. Believe it or not we had 6 goat tags and did not fill any of them! Unfortunately, there was no accessible public land. I know that Eastmans warns about this type of situation which is why we tried to do as much research as possible.

I purchased the huntinggpsmaps software, which is fantastic by the way. I studied maps before the trip. I called the Game and Fish and BLM departments. My main question was how to tell a public road from a private. Basically, the answers I received were that the 2 tracks were mostly private. The BLM dept. even told me that if the road is maintained by a grader it is a public county road. Well, when we got there we quickly found out that there was only 1 public road in the entire unit with access to only 1 piece of public property!!

We are somewhat frustrated about the way the rules are written in WY, but our biggest complaint is the lack of help we were given by the state. While at the G&F office in Casper the game warden could just tell us "it's your responsibility to know what your on". How pathetic when we're there to ask HOW do we know. It almost felt as if the state was afraid to be honest for fear we wouldn't buy tags. It's either that or they're mostly just plain stupid.

We ultimately received some good guidance for future trips and I'm hoping to hit unit 19 for elk just south of Casper next year. Unfortunately, some of our group was so turned off they ready to write the state off altogether. I'd like to be able to complain officially to someone who matters but I'm not sure who and doubt it would have any effect at all.