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    Southeast camping?

    I'm heading out of state into 704 / 705 for a DIY mule deer hunt in mid Nov. Unfortunately I don't have the time to do any real scouting and I'm going in blind and that's fine. I've studdied BLM maps, Delorme Atlas, Google earth and at this point I've located some areas that I'm going to try.

    Not my first time hunting Monatana as I did hunt the Dillon area last year for elk and antelope. Did not get an elk but did get a nice goat. Anyway, while I was in soutwest Montana I did see several camps on public land but that was October and it was a different kind of area all together.

    I'm bringing a small trailer and I plan to hike into either BLM or Block Management areas to locate deer. Since I don't see any "campgrounds" real close to these areas, I'm hoping to that I could set up on a peice of BLM land close to the areas I want to hunt. I know it will be cold, but I don't know much about the area as far as where or if you could make a decent camp.

    Do the roads usually hold up well? I do have a 4x4 with chains. Are there lots of areas where people do camp on BLM land in the southeast? Am I crazy to try it in this area at this time of year? I have not tried to make any reservations yet on the block managment areas but I'm guessing they probably would not allow overnighters?

    Appreciate any info. I don't have much big game info to share as I am still relatively new to "out of state" big game hunting. I have done several DIY floats flyfishing on the Kenai for silvers, rainbows and dolly's that could share.
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