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    Nevada Buck 2011

    This is my Nv buck I got last Saterday after the weather got cold and got the Deer moving. Was hard hunting this year. Sheep herders, Mt lions and F&G netting deer for reserch there was alot of activity in my honey hole. The sheep herders lost 13 sheep the first day they got there and called in a Gov trapper to kill off the Mt lions. They caught 3. Then F&G was netting deer? first Ive heard of that. Also the netted a 190" that broke his neck in the net and was taken by F&G! WTF! they have to net a buck like that and kill it! BS!!! Anyway was a great hunt but with the population of deer so low were in passed years we would see 4-5 bucks like this and could take our time to choose the best one. I thiunk thoses days are over for awhile
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