I know that the San Juan is the best of the best for elk in Utah, but here's my predicament (if you can call it that). I am at the top of the non-resident point heap in Utah for elk, and its taken a very very long time to get there. I would likely draw the early rifle Beaver tag this next year or I could draw the early rifle San Juan tag sometime in the next six years (there are still six of us competing for the one tag going to the max point holder). I know the San Juan is amazing and a no brainer as far as being a great elk unit to hunt. But the Beaver also produces a handful of big bulls each year. I really want to do this hunt on my own, since I've taken two bulls over 350 with a guide. I will put a ton of time, research and effort into the hunt and typically do much better than the average unguided hunter on a unit. Does anyone have experience with the Beaver and how it has been looking the last couple years, particularly in 2011? One of my concerns is the bull to cow ratio on the Beaver, it appears quite low. Do bulls have a strong rut on the Beaver? Also how physical is it to hunt, as my wife really wants to go with me and experience the hunt. My goal is a 360+ bull with a legitimate shot at a 380 class bull. We are in our mid forties.