Got back today from our hunt in Nevada. Conditions were very tough for hunting hard-horned bucks, being that it was 80 degrees during the day at 9-10,000 feet and not much cooler during the night. Half the quakies leaves hadn't even turned yellow yet. The deer were very holed up, in fact we saw very few deer all together. We knew there was weather coming, but in the form of a nasty storm that was going to make hunting conditions even tougher but on the other end of the spectrum. We packed in the day before the season and didn't spot a single deer that whole afternoon/ evening. I won't write a long winded story as the pics will be worth thousands of words, or so they say. Basically we ended up killing the 2 best bucks we saw the entire trip, and we hunted and glassed very hard. I think we were fortunate as we never heard of or saw another hunter with a buck down. All in all we saw just 13 bucks. Our two plus two other 22" bucks that we passed on were the only 4x4 or better bucks we saw. The rest were dinks.

Now for the pics. I left out a lot of scenery photos to keep recognition of the area to a minimum. Some of you might recognize a peak or two... but out of respect for us and others who might hunt that area, lets keep it under wraps!

Camp the night before the season- 9,660 ft.

Camp night 2, a few miles away from night 1 after being less than impressed with our original spot.