buckfvr echoes the sentiments of many hunters around the country. Unfortunately, the nonresident hunter is seen as a cash cow and state legistatures and outfitters both share the blame for their revenue problems. Tag prices and guide fees have been rising steadily, always testing the top to see "what the market will bear". Sure, there will always be high rollers willing to spend whatever it takes, but like most entitlements, eventually there aren't enough rich people to pay all the bills. Why does the Bear guide on Kodiak get $15,000 for 5 days of his time? What is he doing for me that that the $5000 Elk guide isn't? Yeah, I know he's got another $1000 in logistic expenses, but does he really need to make a year's salary in a month? Do the states need to charge nonresidents ten times, or more, the price of a resident tag? States like WY and AK even force you to hire a guide. There is no end to the creativity used to extract money from us NR dopes. Look at the carrot-and-stick lottery scams these greedy states keep coming up with. If they want to know why their monopolys are failing, they need to look in the mirror.