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    Here is what I believe to be the most thorough and accurate broadhead test out there. It is not biased and most heads were provided by the representing companies. There are some good mechanicals out there and some good fixed blades out there. There are also a lot in there that prove advertising can out sell engineering and the results speak for it. I will still stand by my stance that a good 3 or 4 blade fixed usually has quite a bit more cutting surface than any 2-blade mechanical can offer. Unless you get into cutting diameters over 2 1/2" with the mechanical, your not going to compete and you will almost 100 percent of the time deal with blade breakage at those extreme lengths. Won't exactly be slipping in between any bone with that kind of cutting diameter. Here are the results. If you have the time, look through the whole thread as it has a ton of info on multiple heads.
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