New to Eastman's forum. I am a Colorado traditional bowhunter (no elk meat in freezer this year although 3 different 5 x 5's within 10 to 15 yards) and I am taking my oldest daughter (17) to Wyoming unit 74 next weekend (Oct 8th and 9th) for an Antelope doe meat hunt. Admittedly clueless (hunting with a 30-06 that I have not shot in over a decade) but mostly about the area as I have never been there. I believe that there are 2 walk in areas? Not looking to try to make this a great "hunt", just an efficient meat hunt where my daughter can take a couple of does. Any thoughts or suggestion on locations; private land; are the walk in areas the best; is it best to stay in Casper, etc? Is the Division of Wildlife in Wyoming helpful?
Many thanks.