As a non-resident I have 13 bonus points for elk in Arizona going into the 2012 draw. I want to draw next year on the early archery elk hunt in Unit 1 or Unit 3C. My wife is new to hunting and really wants to go with me on the hunt and be in the middle of the elk rut frenzy for the first time. I'd give up a little on the top end potential for bulls to hunt a unit that has a easier terrain for her and a lot of rut activity. My goal is a 340+ class bull with my bow (I've taken bigger bulls with a rifle). Which unit should I choose? I understand the Rodeo Chediski fire burned a lot of 3C in 2002, so next year will be nine years since the fire. Has the hunting in 3C already peaked out and on the way down hill? On the other hand Unit 1 I understand had the Wallow fire this year and so next year will be the first year after the burn. I would guess there will be amazing feed next year in Unit 1. Will next year be too early for Unit 1? How was 3C the year after the burn? Should I give it a couple more years and hunt Unit 1 in say 2014 which would be three years after the burn and should be prime? Do any of you have experience with these two units and what are your thoughts?