Well, how did everybody hunting Oregon do in 2011? Post up some pics or excuses or both!

I hunted Roosevelts exclusively and hunted pretty hard in hopes of killing a really big bull. I hunted 17 full days and numerous evenings after work. All in all I had a great season just wasn't able to place a giant bull in the right spot to kill. I called a bunch of bulls in but of course the ones that came marching out in the open were younger bulls. There is so much pressure (here's the excuse ) on public land that I have almost given up any hope of calling in a giant old bull as they have heard it all it seems.

I spotted this guy on my way out the last evening (last hour) of my hunt and was able to crawl into 30 yards and make a perfect broadside double lung hit. He ran about 40 yards, stopped got wobbly and tipped over. My son killed one just like him a few days previous so we will eat well!

Can't wait for next year!

Lets hear some more stories!