We spent quite a few days in the woods chasing bulls around. The first two weeks were tough due to really dry conditions. Some cooler weather and a couple good rain storms made for an elk super sex fest and perfect stalking conditions. One day alone a good friend and I had 6 or 7 really close encounters with 300-360 herd bulls. With all that came lots and lots of cows, smaller bulls, rutty bulls goin crazy all day long, rain and no winds. We didnt get a big bull that day but ended up being one of my top 3 best hunting days ever!!! Anyway a few days later I took this little five point. After drawing on the herd bull and getting busted I made one small "mew" and this guy came running in. 22-25 yrd shot. He trotted 10 yards closer and stood there. The big bull came back to get his cow but my business was done. lol. I had a blast this year!!