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ID:	1701 Well did lots of research and made the trek out west for my first COhigh country hunt a DIY public land bow hunt. Spent 11 Days in the backcountry without seeing even a foot print except that made by my friend that was with me. After making many mistakes managed to make it all come together on day 10 on my first ever high country mule deer and i couldn't be more pumped! We hunted hard with a thirteen mile hike from the trailhead and a ten mile move halfway through the hunt. It was an awesome experience and a trip i hope to make a yearly thing. I absolutly love the mountains and this was just icing on the cake! Managed to stalk within 25yards of this bruiser and put a perfect double lunger on him, with this steepness of the terrain it felt just like a tree stand shot on a white tail back home! Can't wait to get back, but for now i am going to have to be content with sitting in a tree.