Well I went on a 3 day solo hunt last weekend. Saw a lot of legal bucks (15) and a couple of them were big 4 points. I put four separate stalks without releasing a single arrow. The weather was nasty, hail and rain most of the time. The wind was my worst enemy. Every time I thought I had figured it out and setup my stalk, I would get within 100 yards to find the wind on my neck and the bucks running up and over the nearest ridge. I tried everything I could, with no luck. One of my stalks on a nice 4 point and 3x4 took me 4 hours and when I finally got into position and they got up from their beds to feed the wind swirled and they were off. All this said it was a great experience and I learned a lot, AGAIN, from all the stalks. Just wished I had been able to seal the deal. Next time right?
Just wanted to share my frustration.