Been hunting elk here in Wyoming for the last couple weeks and have noticed a ton of hunters driving on roads in their trucks and bugling out the window. Sitting for a few minutes and driving a few hundreds yards to do it again. The first couple days the bulls were starting to bugle moderately then they shut up. The people driving in the trucks would be talking to each other wondering why the bulls werent talking. WOW, is it that hard to figure out why they shut up. Never seen so many archery hunters in wyo and cant imagine how they will ever get close enough to shoot one hunting from their vehicle. Too many tree stand hunters from the east that cant put in enough effort to walk 10 or more miles a day to get on an elk. My wife and I ran into elk everyday on our morning and evening hunts. Just havent gotten close enough to stick one yet. Anyone else noticing this new trend here in Wyo?