I have a archery antelope hunt next week (9/7 - 9/11) and want to you know your opinion on hunting techniques. I have the possibility of either hunting out of ground blinds near water and/or on hay fields as well as trying to spot-stalk/pop up a silhouette decoy to try and decoy the bucks in. I have tried decoying before and it worked really good one year (9/18-9/20) and not at all the other other (last week of August). Do you think my CommAndelope decoy (spotting bucks and trying to close the distance and popping up the decoy and calling) will be effective yet or will it be too early? I know it should be pre-rut but I am not sure if decoying is better during this phase or during the rut? I love this method of hunting but I am not sure if it will work yet? Thanks for your opinions!