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    I used to shoot a .243 win. In a 700 rem. Now I built a 7mm rem mag in the same action, I have killed 4 antelope with it and a deer. A little overkill for antelope but it's loaded down. I chose this caliber because it can handle pretty much all big game I am interested in. Elk, deer, antelope. Sheep, and goat. And excellent qualities for long range hunting.

    25-06 is probably the best round in my opinion if you took elk out of the picture not that it wouldn't do the job just maybe not as well.

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    I killed my first mule deer in 2009 with a .338 Win Mag, at 255 yds, while hunting in the WY wilderness. Saw a grizz with her two cubs while hunting and that was one reason I had the .338 WM on the hunt.

    I have since sold the .338 WM and have decided that my .280 Rem is just perfect for deer, hogs, and antelope! I am shooting .5" or better groups with 140gr Accubonds and have just started working up loads with the 140 partition. If it shoots those as well as the Accubonds then the .280 will be my go to rifle for the foreseeable future on deer and antelope.



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