Just curious what everyone else is hearing. I had a buddy in North Park who was hearing them half-heatedly bugle since July, but since last week it seems they have gone quiet.

I was out for a weekend hunt by Steamboat Springs and the rutting activity is non-existent there at 8800ft. Saw a cow and calf Saturday morning and a little further up saw a group of 8-9 elk few bulls with few cows scattered all over a private mountain side just feeding. On Sunday morning glassed up two lone cows feeding on another hillside. I was shocked to see a few bulls and cows together and no rutting activity. The bulls acted like they cared less about the cows and there was one dandy bull who will probably have his pick in a couple weeks.

Oh well, its still early and really hot. We need the days to keep shortening and the temperatures to drop and then we should start seeing some rutting action.

What are you guys all experiencing?