Alright, somebody explain to me the Wyoming draw odds spreadsheet's. When I look at the draw odds and regarding the number of preference points that people have, why is there a "<2", and then "1". For example, I picked a random unit, non-resident 39 elk type 1, regular priced license and the data says: Everyone with 3 and 4 points drew. I get that. Then it shows a column for preference points that says "<3". Apparently, 2 people had less than 3 points and 2 tags were issued, which left 1 tag to be drawn. The next column says their were 4 people with 2 points and 1 drew, giving 25% draw odds with 2 points.

To me, <3 and 2 are the same thing, so what gives? Maybe I am just a complete shmuck that doesn't know how to read those tables. Somebody please explain this to me.